The Cure

So I’m hearing alot of debate going on in certain autism awareness groups lately about the search for a “cure ” for people on the spectrum.
Points have been made about certain individuals on the spectrum not wanting to be “cured” and are frustrated with people stigmatizing them as “disabled” or less of an individual.
I most certainly respect that perspective as I am not on the spectrum myself. And my son, being on the spectrum, has never expressed any concern for a so-called cure as well.
However, one should consider the perspective of other individuals on the spectrum who do express a desire for a “cure”.
These particular individuals who are concerned with finding a “cure” have expressed feelings of being uncomfortable in their own skin.
Not just for reasons that we should be fighting to eliminate in our communities such as intolerance, ridicule, abandonment and everything in between, but also for reasons those who are not on the spectrum are not aware of or cannot fully understand.
Some of these reasons include:

  1. Inability to communicate effectively (being nonverbal).
  2. Extreme sensitivity to light, sound, and touch.
  3. Inability to be in social situations due to reasons in number 2.
  4. Uncontrollable repetitive behaviors.
    The list continues but those are just a few of the most common and most uncomfortable for the individual on the spectrum.
    With that being said, I don’t condemn anyone on the spectrum or anyone advocating for them, who believe that they don’t need a “cure”.
    I encourage and admire their individualism and independence and should be respected for their beliefs as well as being treated like everyone else.
    I only ask these individuals and their advocates to consider those on the spectrum who aren’t as fortunate to be as independent and successful as their peers.
    There are so many different variables in the spectrum that makes the spectrum the spectrum and without understanding and respect for your brothers and sisters who share the spectrum with you, ideas and compassion will be lost……

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