Where I stand:

I started studying ufology in 2017. This is about the same time I started researching autism as well but that is something I will address later.

As far as the paranormal, I’ve been researching and experimenting for 10+ years and know far more about the subject than ufology or autism.

I consider myself a Uap activist and do as much as I can to spread awareness to the general population about what i believe to be a very real phenomenon that needs to be researched and taken seriously.

Due to the fact I am fairly new to the subject, I do not write many articles on the subject and lack certain resources to bring news and fresh information that hasn’t been known.

I do however, promote ufologists and journalists whom I respect and know to be the best in ufology. I push articles and blogs throughout social media and wherever else I know people will listen. I offer my assistance to these journalists and researchers when I can and pass along bits and pieces of information and opinions.

The purpose of my website is to bring all of these respected journalists and researchers together in one spot for people to get the latest news and updates on ufology, paranormal, and autism research as well.

I feel its my duty and obligation to this subject and spread awareness wherever else I can to be the best activist that I possibly can.

I resent the fact that certain people have called me a fake, phoney, and other things of the sort. I have never claimed to be something I am not and have made it perfectly clear that I am an amateur and limit my blogs to information I know for sure to be the truth.

I will not tolerate fake videos of supposed ufo sightings and disinformation submitted to me to post on my website. There are some pieces of evidence that are up for debate and I completely understand that and know that everything as far as evidence is concerned, should always be taken with grain of salt.

Fake videos and disinformation is an issue that needs to be addressed and made aware to the public that ufologists and journalists who are well respected and well versed do not subscribe to any of the nonsense that is running rapid across any and all social media outlets.

Finally, I would like to make it clear that I do take a different approach to Uap activism by trying to bring the rest of the world to the table and bring them the best information I can from journalists and researchers in ufology.

And even though I might do or say some things my peers may not agree with, I take what I do extremely seriously and at the end of the day I know my website brings the most up-to-date information and news links that I believe need to be shared.

Until I am able to refine my writing skills and obtain reliable sources who can bring me quality news and pieces of information that is not yet known, my blogs will limited.

I will continue to do research and offer my assistance to journalists and researchers in my free time and eventually will create a news platform of my own and bring quality news articles that will be unmatched!!

End Uap secrecy!!

End autism ignorance and discrimination!!

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